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Rodney runs a wholesale business in Katikati, selling fashion and home decor products to retailers all over New Zealand. He came home from overseas for family reasons six years ago, after working as a financial journalist/editor for Reuters, the international news agency.

With a background of more than 30 years in journalism and management, Joyce is a firm believer in transparency in local council matters. As a journalist, he has reported on councils in Auckland, Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Taranaki.
Rodney has a history of turning around problems in complex organisations.


These include working (as chief customer) to successfully deliver a global IT project  after two multi-million dollar failures. He then headed up a team of 250+ journalists across three offices in Asia and Europe. 

In both these cases, the message from above was “fix them or else” and he delivered – by empowering the teams to be their best.

Rodney is standing on a policy platform of requiring council to learn to live within its means and allocate its resources wisely, not just take a cost-plus approach and keep pushing rates higher and higher.

The Western Bay is a beautiful area with strong communities and an enviable environment. Rodney believes we need to look after it, but we need to do so without imposing some of the highest rates in the land. 

Rodney is a father of three boys aged from 1 to 31 years. He lives with Kay, baby Ryan and Bosz the dog in Katikati.

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