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Holiday home owners: register to vote now

Do you own a holiday home in the Western Bay and want to vote in this year’s local elections? Property owners who pay rates on a property but live outside the district can get one vote as well (“no taxation without representation”).

However, you need to confirm your raterpayer vote registration every three years and, so far, only around 180 people are on the ratepayer roll for the whole of the Western Bay. The deadline to register is this Friday so don’t miss out on your say, by one of the following means:

1) You should have had a confirmation letter asking you to confirm you still qualify. If you filled that in and returned it you are on the ratepayer roll. If you missed it, call the council on 0800 54 8683.

2) You can do a fresh enrolment through this link.

For more details see this page on the Western Bay District Council website.

This is not just for holiday homes. It also applies to commercial premises, rental properties – any person, company or trust that pays rates but is based outside the district.

Note that Friday is also the deadline for ratepayers/residents on the main roll too. Local residents should have received an “orange guy” letter from the electoral office to confirm any changes in address, if needed.

Any registrations after this Friday will have to be done by special vote, which is a more complicated system.

Don’t miss out on your say in this year’s council elections - enrol now!

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