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  • Rodney Joyce


When we talk about Three Waters, it is (for most of us) with disgust about the government’s plans to wrest control of this huge chunk of council assets and vest them in large water companies, in a flawed process that is unaccountable. We must fight this.

However, there is a second issue we also need to look at with Three Waters – and this one is in the control of our local council. It could go just about as badly as the first issue, if we are not careful.

You can watch the attached video to learn about this important risk.

Have a look at your current Western Bay district council rates bill. Down the left-hand side are listed the various types of rates that make up your bill.

If you are a resident living in an urban area, you might find that around half your bill is made up of water rates, wastewater rates and stormwater rates – collectively the Three Waters component of your rates.

If we cannot stop Three Waters, then this money will need to be paid to the new water company. You will still have to pay it -- but it won’t go to the council.

Effectively, our council rates should drop markedly, as we split our payment into two.

However, we do know that our council likes to spend our money. There will be a huge temptation for it to try to keep rates the same or only drop them a little if Three Waters goes through.

The danger is that you could end up with a rates bill nearly as high (or even higher) than your current one AND an extra bill to pay the water company.

Preventing this happening is one of the key tasks of the council you elect in the current elections.

My commitment is to NOT penalise our ratepayers and residents if Three Waters goes through.

No other mayoral candidate is even talking about rates much, never mind this key risk.

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