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Voting starts today!

Voting papers go out to Western Bay of Plenty residents today for the new mayor, council and community boards.

It is time for real change at our council. We need much more open communication, reduced debt (and thus interest costs), lower rates and more humility generally so please give me your vote for mayor (and council in Katikati-Waihi Beach ward).

The Te Puke Times, Katikati Advertiser and BOP Times have all carried election profiles this week. I also placed this half-page advert in two of the guides.

This advert has a good summary of my policy platform. Yes, I get, it. People think of me as the “rates guy” and that has been my focus, but there is much more to be fixed at the council alongside the huge overspending.

This advert summarises my policies. There is more policy detail on my website:

The council is promoting this election as “generation change” but what are we really getting ready to pass on to the next generation?

The council’s current strategic plan will maxx out the council credit card and leave nothing in the tank to cope with future emergencies, climate change and other priorities of the next generation.

It’s time for real change but that change won’t all come from me.

There is an excellent slate of new candidates for the Western Bays District Council. They are well worth a serious look, alongside the experience of current councillors.

We need a team to build a new-look, more responsive and more fiscally responsible council so please vote for a mix of new blood and experience.

You will also receive voting papers for the Western Bay’s two regional council representatives. One of the good things about this election is that the four candidates chasing these two seats are much more visible at candidate meetings. Again, there are some real differences in perspective and experience in that group for you to choose from.

Voting papers must be back at the council by midday on October 8. Happy voting!

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