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WBOPDC rates due today

A friendly reminder that today (Friday, Oct 7) is the last day to pay your WBOPDC rates and avoid a 10% penalty.

Confused? Here is Rodney’s (unofficial) Q&A on rates to explain it:

Q. Didn’t the council say rates were due two weeks ago? A. Yes, but the penalty only kicks in after today - so today is the real deadline. For previous rates bills, the due date and penalty date were the same date but the council has changed this without telling us why.

Q. Why are this rates payment due earlier this year. Previously this payment was due around Oct 22-23 each year? A. You are right, and I don’t know why the council has done this. It has just moved the goalposts without notice.

Q. Does the earlier date really matter? A. For many people it is just an inconvenience as the bill still has to be paid. However, for those struggling with the rising cost of living, the change is just one more painful problem on top of others. For people paid monthly (eg a small business paid by clients on the 20th) the rates are now effectively due a month earlier.

Q. Why have I got a separate rates bill from the regional council this year? A. Previously the district council collected this for the regional council. The regional council was sick of the various local councils screwing up the bills so took its rates collection back to run it itself.

Q. When are the regional council rates due? A. On Oct 20 – around the normal due date for rates in October.

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